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About Bankruptcy Attorney, Susan Silveira

Susan Silveira, a California native, has been an attorney in California since 1994 and, before that, practiced in Washington State for 11 years. She is a Bankruptcy Specialist managing her own firm as a solo practitioner handling consumer bankruptcy cases and other consumer law matters regarding lending practices and mortgage workouts, credit collection and student loan matters.  In her bankruptcy practice, Ms. Silveira has successfully litigated issues involving tax claims, mortgage fraud, mortgage accounting, recovery of assets, dischargeability issues, and various violations of bankruptcy law.  She succeeded in a student loan discharge case before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Recently, she succeeded in the transfer of title on a secured timeshare interest. Ms. Silveira is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Max Gardner’s Consumer Defense Academy, Central California Bankruptcy Association, Fresno County Bar Association, the American Bankruptcy Institute, California State Bar Association and Washington State Bar Association.  Ms. Silveira served as chair of the Santa Clara County Chapter 13 Committee. She has organized and presented in a program on Mortgage Lending Issues which was attended by more than 50 practitioners. She also organized a panel on lien stripping in Chapter 13 cases attended by more than 90 practitioners at which she was one of the presenters. She has also given presentations to realtors and attorneys about bankruptcy law.


Silveira Law Offices offers Results-Oriented, Experienced, Resourceful, and Creative Legal Representation.  Everyone deserves quality legal representation to achieve all that the law allows for meaningful debt relief and consumer justice.  Ms. Silveira focuses primarily on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.  Ms. Silveira stays involved with each client throughout their case.  Phone calls are returned usually within a 48 hour period.  Your case will receive the individualized attention necessary to achieve maximum success.

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