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Solutions / Credit Card Debt

Eliminate or Reduce Credit Card Debt

The lending industry has done a great job of carefully cultivating the idea that bankruptcy is the last thing you want to do to deal with your credit card or personal loan debt.  They make you feel like you will be a second class citizen unworthy of future credit if you get bankruptcy relief.  They would rather have you be a source of perpetual profit by paying interest so high that you will not be able to pay off your credit card debt for a long time, if ever.  A skilled bankruptcy attorney can tell you whether you can either eliminate or reduce your credit card and unsecured loan debt.  If eligible, you will be able to settle this debt with manageable payments which could be zero dollars.  No wonder the lending industry wants to keep you ignorant about the legal protections of bankruptcy!  It is also the quickest way to repair your credit.

Relieve Your Financial Stress

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